Narrative Drive at Liquid Architecture 9

Narrative Drive will be included as part of the installation program in the Sydney leg of Liquid Architecture 9 on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 July 2008 at The Factory theatre in Marrickville.

Narrative exists as a force of nature – it is a basic human way of experiencing our place in the world. We tell stories because it is our tool for thinking about and structuring time, allowing us to project ourselves into the past and into the future. Narrative Drive is an audience-driven interactive sound and video installation that explores the centrality of narrative in human experience. The work plays on the idea that there is an innate ‘narrative drive’ in human beings which compels us to search out and impose narrative structure onto lived experience. Narrative Drive uses the sculptural object of a real car, parked in The Factory car park, as a vehicle for a metaphorical ‘drive’ through this story of storytelling.