Memory Flows

Headwater (excerpt) from Jessica Tyrrell on Vimeo.

Headwater, live AV performance, The Field (Chris Caines, Shannon O’Neil and Jessica Tyrrell), Memory Flows exhibition launch, Armory Gallery, Newington Armory, 2010.

Headwater is a live audiovisual performance by The Field (Chris Caines, Shannon O’Neill & Jessica Tyrrell). Headwater is a new work that builds on The Field’s performance as part of Liquid Architecture 09 and Memory Flows where the performers used material from Memory Flows artists (via the ABC Pool website) and custom generated sound and vision. Presented at the Armory Olympic Park, Headwater responds to the natural history of the location. Audio and video field recordings of the site and the Parramatta river environs and wider environmental sources combine to provide the source material for a live performance of the sound and image of the landscape itself.

The Field is live audiovisual performance collaboration established in 2009 by Chris Caines, Shannon O’Neill and Jessica Tyrrell. As solo practitioners, their backgrounds include performance, sound, video, online and curating practices. Together as The Field they bring these sensibilities to create one-off improvised performance works which have been performed at events such as Liquid Architecture and Memory Flows.

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