The South Sydney Project

The South Sydney Project is an ongoing research project that looks at the potential of combining oral history with interactive audiovisual installation. I am working with an oral history video archive of interviews conducted by historian Sue Rosen. I encountered Sue Rosen in 2008 when I was employed at Museums & Galleries NSW and Sue was working on the There’s a War On!¬†project. She had been unsuccessfully seeking collaborators to develop a series of videoed interviews with South Sydney residents undertaken in the mid 1990s and shot on Hi 8 tape. After a number of conversations over 12 months or more in which we discussed my work and approach, it was agreed that I could use the interviews as part of my thesis which would interpret and draw out the experiences articulated in the interviews in new ways. Satisfied that the interview subjects would be treated with respect I was given full access to the recordings, transcripts and logs and we have maintained contact from that time in what has developed as a very positive relationship between historian and artist. We both feel the research has added a new dimension on the South Sydney Social History Project.

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