-suggested route-

toilet 1

Begin at the Hyde Park Barracks public toilets in the Domain, near the College St side of Hyde Park.

toilet 2

Head to grounds of the NSW Art Gallery and follow the walkway to the ‘Domain Carpark’. Descend the stairs and follow the sign to the Domain Carpark public toilets. Exit the carpark through the Domain Carpark Express Walkway and ascend staircase marked ‘Domain Exit’.

toilet 3

Travel through Hyde Park in the direction of Macquarie St, until you come to the Hyde Park North public toilets, near the staircase down to St James Station.


Descend stairs and follow the tunnel to St James Station. Ascend the stair to Elizabeth St and Walk along Elizabeth St until you reach the Hyde Park public toilets, on the corner of Park St and Elizabeth St.

Cross Elizabeth St and walk along Park St until you reach the escalators for the Foodbase on Park Foodcourt. Descend the escalator and travel through the foodcourt until you reach the Foodbase food court toilets.

Travel through the tunnel marked, Museum Station and before you reach the station ascend the stairs to Elizabeth St. Travel along Elizabeth St until you reach the Hyde Park Obelisk, the heart of Venice.

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