skin colour

all i could see

was the colour of skin

when it comes alive.

that translusecent hue

halfway between electricity

halfway between science.

2 thoughts on “skin colour

  1. nick keys

    Hi Jes,

    I’ve been looking for your email address – since Tim Wright is overseas, one thought it would be easier to look on-line. And so I find your blog. I like it, and I shall link to it from mine. The reason I am searching for your email is so I can send you out this email about Unscrunched, the on-line exhibition space.

    I am sorry I have not responded directly to your poem, skin colour. I will however, quote a poem from Tom Beckett, whose book “Unprotected Texts” I got in the mail yesterday. I pick a page at random:


    I’m now
    bound by

    invisible strings
    to entire

    constellations of
    staggering zombies.

    Anything that
    occurs yields

    a potential
    zombie (anything)…

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